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180° Sport

180° is a social organization aimed at empowerment and social integration of people with disabilities through sport and educational programs

The organization was established in order to advance our vision - to help each person improve and realize his/her potential through sports activities. We believe that with the right support, anyone can make a 180-degree change in their lives.

​180° Initiates and runs walking and running groups for children, youths and adults with disabilities and special needs of all kinds. The groups are at different levels and integrate special needs training with accompanying volunteers.


We are currently working to establish frameworks throughout the country that will offer support and empowerment to all those who train in them.


180° Founders

Gai Ben Dor
גיא בן דור
עופר בן דור

CPA, entrepreneur and businessman, lecturer and owner of a group of companies in the real estate sector.

Personal trainer and mentoring organizations and people in their own life nodes. Established the world's first running group for post-traumatic casualties. Initiated the voyage of the first expedition for handicapped in the history of climbing to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Established a social venture for rehabilitating girls at risk.


אורית בן דור
Orit Ben Dor

Advocate, CPA, entrepreneur and social activist. Expert in training people with disabilities and the founder of the running and walking sector for people in Israel with disabilities. An accumulated experience of more than 10 years in the field,  among other: as a member of the Israeli staff of the Israel Paralympic Olympiad, accompanied a blind marathon runner.
Guy is a leading lecturer and spokesperson for TEDx in Israel and abroad on inspiration and leadership issues

עדי בן דור שולמן
Adi Ben Dor
Offer Ben Dor

Psychotherapist, holds an M.A. in educational counseling. Specializes in education and treatment in formal frameworks and a private clinic. Has rich and diverse experience in the education system and working with children and parents. Instructs therapeutic workshops for emotional and social empowerment for children, a leader in changing processes and awareness with groups and individuals. She is studying calligraphy and yoga.

A running trainer and responsible for the marketing and collaborations of 180°. BA in communication and business administration. An expert in internet marketing and has extensive experience in hi-tech. Has been volunteering for about eight years, accompanying and training people with disabilities and special needs. An entrepreneur by soul, loves people, and is an expert in connecting them.

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